John Pfeiffer is the co-founder of the Vim Way and an entrepreneur who seeks to help others succeed in their business and personal life through the lessons taught in the Vim Way. For over 4 years, John and his mentor, Russell Owens, video-taped their one-on-one executive coaching sessions together. John shares his documented journey to authenticity and self-actualization throughout this website and social media with the goal of teaching others about emotional intelligence and taking the next right action at work and at home. Contact John and learn how the Vim Way can help you today!

Russell Owens is an executive coach and co-founder of the Vim Way. For nearly 14 years, Russell Owens met with Dr Joseph Schwitter for weekly training in the Great Books of the Western World, Carl Jung, eastern philosophy and mindfulness meditation. Based on Dr. Schwitter’s insights, Russell created coaching session material which serves as the basis for his successful executive coaching practice and the Vim Way. Today, Russell trains other coaches in the Vim Way and contributes to the development of our emotionally intelligent leadership training workshops.

Dr. Joseph P Schwitter was born in Switzerland and became a Professor of Economics at Kent State and San Diego State. He studied for many years under Dr. CG Jung while attending the University of Zurich, where he earned PhDs in Philosopy and Economics. After a long career of university teaching, Dr Schwitter then taught courses in philosophy, literature, art history and economics to various groups and individuals in New Mexico before passing away in 2002.

Dr. Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. He was an associate of Dr. Sigmund Freud until disagreements led to the ending of their friendship. Dr. Jung developed the concept of “individuation” – the lifelong process to differentiate one’s self out of your own conscious and unconsciousness. He is also credited with creating many psychological concepts including extraversion, introversion, persona, archetypes and the collective unconscious. Carl Jung died in 1961.