Teach Others the Value of Joy

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We live in a self-gratifying society that often links happiness to external factors. We are programmed to believe that happiness rests heavily on tangible transactions. It has less to do with a feeling and more to do with an outcome. Many people on the quest for happiness rely heavily on the answers to questions such as:

  • Do I earn enough money?
  • Do I perform well enough at work?
  • Do I have the means to buy an expensive home?
  • Can I afford college for my children?
  • Will I get the promotion?
  • Do I have enough money for retirement?

In essence, happiness depends on the outcome of external events.  We believe that if we achieve a certain level of success, then the result is sure to be happiness.

What is Joy?

While many of us believe that happiness is the ultimate goal, to live a fuller and more meaningful life, you have to dig a bit deeper. You should be in the pursuit of joy. Some people use the terms joy and happiness interchangeably, but they are very different. Joy focuses more on your internal feeling despite what is occurring externally. Joy remains even when your happiness is tested.

For example, if you lose your job you may feel momentarily unhappy. However, if you possess joy, then you will concentrate on your ability to better your situation. Perhaps you will focus on your skills and what you have to offer to find an even more gratifying position.

Essentially, joy means that you can find serenity even when life is chaotic. It’s the center of your being that doesn’t need external approval nor can it be taken away by anyone else.  Joy doesn’t mean that you are always happy, but it does mean that you always have internal peace.

Why Joy Should be Part of your Executive or Business Coaching Plan

Having joy in your personal and professional being is beneficial. An executive or business coach should possess joy because it will influence the harmony and even the productivity of the workplace. People accomplish more when they have the deep-rooted benefits of joy rather than only the fleeting satisfaction of happiness. Developing inner joy is a critical part of becoming a successful executive or business coach, and it will serve as the foundation that you will build from to be effective and mentor other coaches.

Executive and Business Coaching Programs Available

The VIM Way has a variety of executive and business coaching programs available that focuses on the various skills that you need to become the leader that you’ve always wanted to be. Our extensive programs offer real-life guidance that you can use to develop the self-awareness that you need to be successful as an executive or business coach. You can then take those skills and teach others to become just as successful. It’s indeed an enlightening experience that you can play an active role in educating others and continuing the awakening of other professionals and entrepreneurs.  Apply today to get started on your journey.