There is much less pressure and stress in my life

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I used to spend a lot of time focused on gaining the approval of others. I was very successful academically and in my career, but I was too outwardly focused. As a consequence, my decision-making was often plagued by self-doubt. I tended to be cautious and emotionally distant from others.

I have learned to spend more time looking inside and have learned the value of being rigorously honest when considering my strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, I accept my demons. Accepting myself has led me to be much more accepting of others. I spend less time judging others and more time trying to understand their stressors and the problems they are facing.

I’ve also learned to be more accepting of what is. I now make decisions easier and faster, while understanding there is much I cannot control. As a result, I am more accessible to others. I now understand that if others don’t approve of me, it is their issue and not mine.

Acceptance of myself, warts and all, has improved my sense of self-worth, which is something I rarely worry about now. It has also allowed me to be more authentic. I don’t have to wear masks anymore. What I feel, what I think, and the way I act can all be aligned, both in my personal life and at work. I stick to my core values and find that it simplifies things. There is much less pressure and stress in my life. I am much more at peace.

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John began his path in the advertising sector of business in a very traditional Madison Ave pattern. He received an undergraduate degree in business & economics from Lehigh University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. He has worked for major NYC advertising agencies and managed direct response campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies including Barclays, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citigroup. Although he tasted success, he found it rather empty and highly stressful. He decided to shift his playing field and moved to the West Coast. John was recruited to work for another Fortune 500 company in San Francisco. Again, he was very successful and created significant monetary success. However, John was becoming aware of a certain dissatisfaction about the stress and void feeling of not being his true, authentic self, i.e. “working for the man”. He believed in his abilities, skill sets and “warrior nature” enough to make the commitment to set off on his own as an entrepreneur. His wife, being a successful businessperson in her own right, agreed and together they “jumped the chasm”. They sold their beautiful Victorian home in San Francisco; he resigned from his prominent corporate position and they moved to Boulder, Colorado on a new journey of entrepreneurship. John is the founder and principal of Online Pro Marketing, a very successful search engine marketing company focused on helping small-to-mid-sized businesses succeed online. As a Certified Google AdWords Professional, he took his 20+ years of direct marketing and advertising experience, his extensive background in database marketing and direct response copywriting and created an “entrepreneurial dream”. In a short period of time he found his niche ideally suited for the statistical and creative requirements of developing successful internet marketing programs. John shifted his skills from assisting big businesses with large ad budgets to helping smaller customers with B-to-C and B-to-B websites in ecommerce, fashion, real estate, information technology, legal, home improvement, photography, education and many more. Starting with zero customers, he grew to over 150. Not only did John create outward abundance in his business life, but also he, his wife and children are living a life filled with freedom, joy and happiness in Boulder. One of John’s inherent skills, is his ability to see patterns in business, economics and people. By co-founding the Vim Way, John seeks to extend his passion of helping others by coaching them thru career change to work they enjoy.