Mapping out solutions for your life and business can feel overwhelming. However, with our emotionally intelligent leadership coaching for executives, managers and supervisors, you can transform your professional and personal life so that you establish a more meaningful existence. True happiness is not a theory, but instead, it can be a working reality. Effective executive coaching and leadership coaching retreats from the Vim Way can help.

When it comes to the business aspect of your life, many proponents can influence your productivity, motivation, and overall success. Executive coaching and leadership retreats can not only help you identify underlying issues, but also hone your spiritual self to overcome your struggles and live a more prosperous life.

One-on-One Executive Coaching

In our executive coaching program, you will have the chance to work one-on-one to develop your skills and enhance your live. This is a rare opportunity to tackle issues that hinder your success and identify how you can get back in the driver’s seat of your business and ultimately your life.  The Vim Way’s process combines spiritual and professional development that we believe is necessary for you to live your most meaningful life and do your best work.

With over 200 combined years of experience of working with a variety of businesses, our team of executive coaches have the real-life experience to offer practical guidance that achieves results.  However, this method is not only business-based.  It includes a spiritual component to help clients find clarity and inner peace. We combine applied methods with eastern philosophy and Jungian psychology to bring the process full circle so that clients not only have a better understanding of business operations but an improved sense of self.  This all-inclusive approach is just what business leaders need to truly develop the skills to continue professional and personal success that lasts a lifetime.

Key areas of focus:

  • Teach effective problem solving and leadership skills for business executives
  • Offer guidance to leaders during major or minor company transitions
  • Assistance with identifying ways to increase productivity and overall success
  • Help with conflict resolution and personality issues in the workplace
  • Advice on how to manage personal issues that impact your work life
  • Develop an understanding of your personal, professional, and spiritual self

Leadership Retreats

Think of leadership coaching at offsite meetings as a practical and philosophical approach to betterment. It’s a thorough process of combining tried and true wisdom of one of our seasoned executive coaches with the natural skills and abilities that you and your inner circle of senior professionals already possess. By merging the experience and guidance of a qualified coach with your executive team’s current skills, you can better problem solve and enhance your company’s current state of success.  This is achieved by merging the spiritual and physical realm to not only find inner peace but experience tangible success in your business.

Only Work with the Best

Our executive coaching and leadership retreats are an exciting opportunity for the top leaders at a company or board of directors to learn and grow both personally and professionally. We want to work with the best of the best to unravel their challenges and help them take control of their destiny both at work and at home.

We offer a comprehensive approach to executive coaching and leadership retreats through dynamic solution-driven practices. We work with individuals to understand and manage challenging issues and how they impact your life and overall success. We offer a structured process that is flexible enough to meet your specific needs.  This prestigious opportunity for growth and development is an all-inclusive approach to leadership development and advancement. Because we value your time, we have offered a variety of flexible solutions for this service.

Our service options include:

  • One-on-one executive coaching in-person or via phone or online video conferencing
  • In-person leadership coaching in Boulder and Denver, CO, or at your desired location
  • Leadership coaching for executive retreats at your desired location

We are excited to offer the chance of a lifetime to better yourself and your business. Contact us today to take the first step toward true success and happiness.