Authentic Connecting

To communicate authentically, your ability to listen is every bit as vital as the words you choose. By listening to and/or observing the person and situation, with an open, non-critical attitude, you gain clarity of what a person is saying and of the present situation. Non-critical, non-judgmental listening opens the “canvas”, the mind. People want to be heard. If you genuinely and consistently listen, those around you will see and feel it; as a result, you will gain their trust and openness. By simply reflecting or reframing what you have just heard or seen, you will be perceived as a strong communicator.

The art of communication begins with a need to express an emotion, feeling, insight, reflection or knowledge. The more present you are, the more clearly you can identify what you are feeling and what you want to communicate. Moreover, by not judging, criticizing, resisting or denying what you are feeling, you gain a keen awareness which enables you to say or do the “next right thing”.

In our daily communications, as we exchange information and share ideas, we define ourselves in the eyes and minds of others. We are consciously shaping the form and level of connection we have with the individuals around us. The more authentic and consistent we are in our communications, the greater the depth, breadth and strength of our connections and communion with others. Like the finished work of art, your communication skills will bring people together and inevitably, a sense of oneness will flourish.


Our Communications training workshop can vary in number of attendees and can be delivered:

  • on-site or off-site in the US or internationally,
  • online, in-person, or a combination of both, and
  • as a single event or as a part of larger regularly scheduled series.

Our training facilitators and executive coaches hold advanced degrees and have over 200 years of combined business and coaching experience.  Rather than being lectured by psychologists or professors of academia, you and your teams will be guided and mentored by senior executives and entrepreneurs with real-world, street-smart business experience who understand the inner-workings of individuals, groups and organizations.

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