As an entrepreneur or business leader, you may be faced with the challenge of advancing an idea or concept, or perhaps you want to take your company to the next level. Either way, you may feel stuck.

There are 2 basic paths to choose from:

The first, is to continue on your current path, roll up your sleeves, simply work harder, invest more time and/or money and “make it happen”.

The other option is to reach out by connecting with another person or persons who have been where you are and are where you want to be.

Both considerations require different types of courage and trust. Every individual’s path is his or her own and there is no absolute, one right way to navigate that path. Within this eBook you will find tools that will help you on your chosen path.

Should you choose to explore the process of Design Problem Solving, seeking the guidance of a mentor and a collective team of experts is vital. The initial part of the process requires the individual to reach out and authentically express their ideas and challenges to their mentor and team of experts. You will know when you have connected with the “right” experts – the chemistry is immediate. The remainder of the process involves collaborating and creating insights and solutions to bring your idea to fruition. Your experts will support you and challenge you to grow throughout.

Principles of Design Problem Solving: The Collective Focus

You, the Innovator.

You are the very center of this highly intentional process. You are not a cog in a factory of innovation.

Your Mentor & Collective.

It takes tremendous courage and trust to share an idea or problem with others – this trust lies both in yourself and with the individual mentor and team. The collective will consist of a multi-disciplinary team. Each member will see your challenge through the eyes of their discipline and will share their perspectives, insights and reflections. Through this process, different ways of seeing your challenge are generated. A common outcome of this transformational process is the identification of latent creative questions and answers that inevitably lead to awakened solutions. These solutions are virtually impossible to achieve alone.

Innovative Problem Solving, not Theoretical.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, another important component you will want from your team of experts are individuals that are experienced, successful entrepreneurs. They are warriors, like you, who have been where you are. They can authentically empathize with the emotions you are feeling with risk taking and with exploring the unknown. They will walk side by side with you, share their insights and experiences with you and guide you.