For many of us the changes, complexities, demands and stress of the workplace are accelerating to a point that at times can be, overwhelming. Often our financial and personal responsibilities to our businesses and families can result in overwork, exhaustion, nervousness, stress, poor nutrition, improper thinking and insufficient sleep. Over time our energy has become depleted. Franklin Roosevelt clearly understood the dangers of energy depletion when he said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”.

As business professionals, we understand as few others can the importance and the necessity of persevering through challenging times; knowing that “this too shall pass” and that excellent opportunities exist for those who brave the storm. We are currently presented with the challenge of facing difficult economic and human realities, with finding our balance and moving forward, all while not succumbing to the enemies of fatigue and stress. With a willingness to change, to learn and grow within, we will develop calm, clear thinking and experience true abundance of energy as well as self actualization.

The VIM process is centered around the creation of positive energy which we, in our daily lives experience as “joyous vitality” – VIM. The task is simple, but not easy. This is a journey towards authenticity. In order for us to tap into the pure, radiant energy we are seeking, we must put down our masks, look deeply into our shadows within and re-discover the power of awareness and of right action. As we gain clarity and awareness of what is, we begin to experience a tremendous increase in our inner emotional, physiological and spiritual energy. With rigorous honesty, commitment and discipline on your part, you will experience deep, positive energy and vitality.

The illustration below encapsulates our training and coaching philosophy and the various areas we may examine on your path to abundant energy and self awareness. We will begin with Energy (which is depicted by the word VIM in the center) and which is broken into two parts. The first part will address negative energy and the second will be to explore positive energy. The objective of the first part is to identify that which depletes your energy (i.e. the problems you want to solve and your perception of them). The second part of energy is to recognize that which positively energizes you. The core of our training uses the remaining parts to “solve” the negative energy problems and to support your ability to create positive energy, VIM.